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05 September 2008 @ 11:39 am
"A House Divided" ACW Gathering Australia  

Our Club this year is conducting a ACW gathering, we are hoping to showcase four to five rulesets, using many scales, we are also looking for anyone who wants to attend, it is optional to become a soldiers club member ($8), which entitles you to discounts at the Bar, restaurant and the Cafe for the whole weekend.

Dates set down are September 20th and 21st at the Goulburn Soldiers Club, cnr Market and Sloane streets, Goulburn.

Upstairs in the Chisholm room

We have worked out some deals for the travellers, Budget Accomadation available just accross the park (about two hundred meters) at the Carlton Hotel $60 a night 4821 3820, or the Alpine lodge next door double rooms $79 to $89 48212930.

or for the more upper class 4.5 stars and more in period (1840s style hotel) Mandelsons $150+ per night http://www.mandelsons.com.au/

plenty of other options close by, but these three are a easy walk, less than two hundred meters.

Currently Five grand Games being planned.

Jonny Reb Three Chickamauga in 28mm, multi divisional game (Goulburn Wargames Club)
Fire and Fury 15mm (Canberra Kreigspielers)
Fire and Fury (Regimental) Sydney Mob 15mm
Brother against brother 28mm skirmish (Goulburn Wargmes club)
Guns of gettysburg 15mm
Guns of gettysburg 28mm
Ironclad naval

any suggestions, other demo or other particpation games are most welcomeA sample of our club games.