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05 September 2008 @ 10:21 am
Rally Around The Flag!  

This Post relates to the history of our club and my experience with the American Civil war period.
I have gamed the American Civil War since airfix first released figures in the seventies, I have primarily had  Union armies but in the last five years I have had a Confederate Army.  As my knowledge of the war has grown over the years I have owned several armies, from 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 28mm. I am yet to venture into 40mm, yet!

I have used a number of rule sets in the last 20 odd years, but I have finally settled on two sets Jonny reb 3 for regimental and Brother against Brother for Skirmish, I use 28mm figs for both of these sets.

My collection primarily consistes of 28mm  "Mark Fenlon Miniatures" and "Redoubt miniatures" make up the majority of my Confederate army, and "Perry Miniatures" make up my Union Army. I also have a few Ironclads, both scratch built and purchased.

My Confederate Collection is for the Western Theartre, Patrick Cleburne's Division at Chickamauga to be exact, My Union have yet to be numbered, but something that was present at Gettysburg would be my Guess.

At the Goulburn Wargames Club, most of our members have ACW Armies mostly 28mm, although a few also have 15mm, and a majority of the guys play JR3, which we feel captures thee flavour of the period nicely. Boyd, Bruce, Dave and myself are the main pushers of this period, Our club games are very visually spectacular, and are a sight to behold!

Our club also conducts Participation games at various conventions around Australia, and at the Royal Easter Show, which we are invited to attend each year.

I hope to add pictures of my armies and WIP buildings etc as I grow the Blog.