"Bonnie Blue Flag" ACW convention Australia 2013

Friday Night 19th, Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July. “Bonnie Blue Flag”  ACW weekend
Goulburn Soldiers Club
Cnr Market and Sloane st
Goulburn NSW

Dinner Saturday Night venue TBA

The release of ACW rules "Rally Once More" running on a Windows 8 Tablet
Battle of Mobile Bay 15mm game
An opposed landing involving Confederate and Union Ironclads. a Confederate Fort, wooden ships carrying union troops as well as confederate submersibles carrying spar torpedoes.

Marshall Ryan I will rip yer ears off 28mm Skirmish
Wild West gunfight (sunday only at this stage)

Gettysburg 28mm game
American Civil War 1863 -2013 150th Gettysburg refight.  Selected games from the first, second and third day refights JR3 28mm and Black powder
Hampton road naval "Ironsides" 1/1200th ships
The Battle of Chancellorsville.15mm game

Cattle Raid 28mm Skirmish
28mm Skirmish Brother against Brother
(seeking further ACW, wild west, Mexican wars, Texan war of Independance, Indian wars games or other mid century American games)

contact me ausnapoleoniccongress at hotmail dot com
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1/1200th Langton ships

I enjoyed painting these and after undercoating I think I painted all four in about two hours, a basic colour then a wash in devlan mud, and I am very pleased how they came out, I am thinking about returning and adding stays to the funnels with brush bristles and perhaps flags.

here they are

CSS Albermarle

Uss Cairo

USS Benton

USS Virginia


15mm ACW JR3 game Autumn has arrived

We played a game using marks and johns figures on Marks teddy bear fur drop sheet which looked the business! A few pics from the game

Mark built his drop cloth out of teaddy bear fur, I have decided to build my table using this wonderful product.........very soon


ACW Williamsburg Club Game

Goulburn Valiant Stormers played a 28mm ACW game at the weekend club meet using Johnny Reb III rules. The game was straight out of the scenario book based on the Williamsburg Peninsula campaign. The game consisted of a flank attack by two Union brigades on a redoubt in which there was a large gun. It was a great opportunity for Greg B to place his recently finished 8" Columbiad emplacement. The game lasted nine turns out of a possible fifteen turns and was a resounding success for the Union who broke the Confederate line and forced to the Rebs to retreat in disorder..........another loss for the confederacy!

A house Divided 2010

Well a great weekend by all three games with people coming from all around, Yass, Canberra, Sydney, Orange, Queenbeyam. Wollongong, Mittagong, Braidwood, Bathurst and Goulburn. two 28mm and one 15mm game ran and we all had a good laugh and chat for the weekend. Here are some pics from the weekend

Stones River 28mm using Jonny Reb 3, Mark fenlon, Perry, Redoubt and Old Glory miniatures

 Wilsons Creek using all Perry plastics and metals and Blackpowder rules

Wilsons Creek game

Then the 15mm game by John and Mark, Coops Turnpike using Fire and Fury, I failed to get some better shots than this sorry!


Some 1/1200th Ironsides

Well such a beutiful day on Sunday I decided to take some photos after I finished preparing the garden beds for spring planting. I managed to get my ACW 1/1200th Langton ACW ships out and take a few photos so I thought I would share them. A bought a few of these for a river fight game for the ACW weekend, but they never managed to make it onto the table. I enjoyed painting these and after undercoating I think I painted all four in about two hours, a basic colour then a wash in devlan mud, and I am very pleased how they came out, I am thinking about returning and adding stays to the funnels with brush bristles and perhaps flags.

here they are
CSS Albermarle

USS Cairo

USS Benton

CSS Virginia



Rally around the flag

Ok, so I lost my password,

finally decided to do something about it and viola here is an update. Plenty of things happening, painting some more Union for Louis, picked up a couple of great ACW books in the last few months, the best being "The official military atlas of the American Civil War", and the "Confederate navy at war".

The "Highlander" convention was on last weekend and we used John's 15mm figures using the Jonny Reb 3 rules, had a blast teaching three others players the rules during the day, the confederates were defending with about 20 odd  regiments and the union assault  had 24 regiments and a brigade of cavalry, it was a great see-sawing game, pictures below.

We used a teddy bear fur drop cloth for the table (some teddy bear lovers would be insulted) that was clipped and airbrushed,the trees were scratch built for 28mm so a little large but they looked good all the same, the dice in the top picture reflect the confederate counter attack about 3/4 of the way through the game. A great time was had by all.



What a weekend, a number of our club members were AWOL due to many excuses, some sports injurys and sickness, so the load on the remaining members was at times a little heavy, however those of us who attended had a huge weekend, I would like to thank those people who attended from near and far, some people even attended from Melbourne, Wollongong, Sydney and Armidale.

The largest Game was our clubs "Chickamauga Dawn", using 28mm figs and Jonny Reb 3 rules,  the right flank of chickamauga on day two and three.
John Primrose from Canberra put on two different games on both days, using 15mm figs and Fire and Fury.

A Brother Against Brother skirmish game and a Ironclad game using "Beer and Pretzels" by our Club also.
Gettysburg Board Game by Todd Mason rounded out the games availble for the punters to partake in.

Our huge 28mm game had just about every figure that Boyd and myself had available (painted), two Divisions of Union and three Divisions of Confederate. Cleburne had a hard day on both days, with his division mauled badly on both days, it almost ceased to exist by the end of day two, Thomas seemed to do the job once again, and the damned Zouaves plugged the ony major collapse of the union line just in the nick of time, enough of talk here are the pics from the second day, as I failed to take my Camera on the first day!

Confederate deployment Day Two, Chickamauga 28mm

Union First Division deployment

Union Troops await the onslaught.

The Second Division starts to arrive, just as the confederates hit the line.

The confederate right also launches hoping to break the yankees early

Calmy awaiting the assault, behind the fence.

The second brigade and in the distance the third start to advance

The good General watches on

The Confederate left Division also advances

Supported by the divisions Napoleons

Breakthrough on the left, but at a high cost.

The Zouaves rush to fill the breach

The Zouaves successfully charge and break the confederate units that take the fence, forcing them to retire.

On the right Confederates assault also but it is defeated with massive dice rolling (by myself)

The Union muskets and guns devastate the confederates

Union Cav brigade rushes to the left union flank
The confederates also are unlucky when every brigade officer is either, wounded or killed in the four brigade assault, it effectivly stalled the game for two turns while the brigades disengaged, effectively ending the game, a great weekend was had by all.

Here are shots from the other games
Brother Against Brother


Fire And Fury day two

"A House Divided" ACW Gathering Australia

Our Club this year is conducting a ACW gathering, we are hoping to showcase four to five rulesets, using many scales, we are also looking for anyone who wants to attend, it is optional to become a soldiers club member ($8), which entitles you to discounts at the Bar, restaurant and the Cafe for the whole weekend.

Dates set down are September 20th and 21st at the Goulburn Soldiers Club, cnr Market and Sloane streets, Goulburn.

Upstairs in the Chisholm room

We have worked out some deals for the travellers, Budget Accomadation available just accross the park (about two hundred meters) at the Carlton Hotel $60 a night 4821 3820, or the Alpine lodge next door double rooms $79 to $89 48212930.

or for the more upper class 4.5 stars and more in period (1840s style hotel) Mandelsons $150+ per night http://www.mandelsons.com.au/

plenty of other options close by, but these three are a easy walk, less than two hundred meters.

Currently Five grand Games being planned.

Jonny Reb Three Chickamauga in 28mm, multi divisional game (Goulburn Wargames Club)
Fire and Fury 15mm (Canberra Kreigspielers)
Fire and Fury (Regimental) Sydney Mob 15mm
Brother against brother 28mm skirmish (Goulburn Wargmes club)
Guns of gettysburg 15mm
Guns of gettysburg 28mm
Ironclad naval

any suggestions, other demo or other particpation games are most welcomeA sample of our club games.


Rally Around The Flag!

This Post relates to the history of our club and my experience with the American Civil war period.
I have gamed the American Civil War since airfix first released figures in the seventies, I have primarily had  Union armies but in the last five years I have had a Confederate Army.  As my knowledge of the war has grown over the years I have owned several armies, from 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 28mm. I am yet to venture into 40mm, yet!

I have used a number of rule sets in the last 20 odd years, but I have finally settled on two sets Jonny reb 3 for regimental and Brother against Brother for Skirmish, I use 28mm figs for both of these sets.

My collection primarily consistes of 28mm  "Mark Fenlon Miniatures" and "Redoubt miniatures" make up the majority of my Confederate army, and "Perry Miniatures" make up my Union Army. I also have a few Ironclads, both scratch built and purchased.

My Confederate Collection is for the Western Theartre, Patrick Cleburne's Division at Chickamauga to be exact, My Union have yet to be numbered, but something that was present at Gettysburg would be my Guess.

At the Goulburn Wargames Club, most of our members have ACW Armies mostly 28mm, although a few also have 15mm, and a majority of the guys play JR3, which we feel captures thee flavour of the period nicely. Boyd, Bruce, Dave and myself are the main pushers of this period, Our club games are very visually spectacular, and are a sight to behold!

Our club also conducts Participation games at various conventions around Australia, and at the Royal Easter Show, which we are invited to attend each year.

I hope to add pictures of my armies and WIP buildings etc as I grow the Blog.